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I think your e-mails to the list were what prompted me to go tweak that
piece of code. Sorry I failed to provide credit.


on 12/8/04 9:48 AM, Adam D. Moss at wrote:

> Mark Hamburg wrote:
>> * We cut the threshold computation in the GC so that it uses:
>>   g->GCthreshold = g->estimate + (g->estimate/8);
> That's almost exactly a modification I made locally to work2, too.
> I haven't yet looked into how appropriate a similar modification
> in work3 would be (though I did notice that work3 generally has
> similar memory wants as work2 -- I think I concluded from my
> mid-November fiddling that stepmul>2 is *mostly* a red herring,
> and changing the threshold growth factor as above is a more
> effective way of restricting memory growth).
> Regards,
> --Adam