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On Monday 06 December 2004 18:04, Brian Weed wrote:
> Raffaele Salmaso wrote:
> > The nice thing is that I've removed the ':' syntatic sugar, now you
> > must use only the '.' operator.
> Speeking of the colon, does anyone here have a patch for Lua that
> actually does allow the dot to be used in place of the colon for
> derefencing?

I'm not entirely sure what you mean here; do you mean you want to be able to 
call methods using . (as in Raffaele's OO system)? Because you can't do this 
without putting closures into the table, like Raffaele's doing.

(Incidentally, while putting closures into the table does allow you to call 
methods using . --- which is a very neat trick, BTW, I'd never thought of 
doing it like that --- it does mean that you can't get hold of a generic 
method pointer. I've just written some code that does this:

object = create_myobject()
t = {method1 = object.method1, method2 = object.method2, method3 = 

m = t.method1
o1.m(o1, params)
o2.m(o2, params)
o3.m(o3, params)

...where o1, o2 and o3 are known to be instances of myobject.)

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