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Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
The Lua site was slightly slashdoted yesteday:

  Posted by Zonk on Wednesday December 01, @01:46PM
  from the you-think-you-can-do-better?-prove-it dept.
  mandrake*rpgdx writes "Freya, a game programming environment for the Lua
  programming language, reaches 2.0 beta this week. Freya allows you to
  program cross platform games in the programming language Lua. It sports
  speeds 2x-10x faster than PyGame, and contains a built in map engine,
  pixel perfect collision detection, support for many graphics and sound
  formats including Ogg Vorbis and different MOD formats. Right now the
  beta release is looking for people to test the Linux version."

Excellent, I searched something like this for a long time, without success. I wonder why I didn't found it earlier, it is already at version 2.0! And I wonder why it isn't in the Lua List of Projects (uses.html). I will suggest the authors to add it.

Note: the licence is Perl's Artistic Licence. It seems it allows close-source distributions, which is interesting, even if I like to distribute the sources of my works. If I ever want to make a shareware game...

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