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Hi Asko,

In Your mail dated  1 grudnia 2004 (14:21:52) was written:

AK> I mean -and this is very basic stuff, perhaps I'm misunderstaning your
AK> needs-.. why not leave Lua as is, and just do 'os.whatever= nil' before
AK> you call the code that should not have privileges.  Look under 
AK> "sandboxing" in Lua Wiki or the Google.

AK> This would have the benefit that Lua code is not touched, and you need
Not touched offcourse
AK> 	local my_old= function_name
AK> 	function_name= function( ... )
Fine !

AK> Hope this helps. :)

Very Helpfull, thanks

Last question: how to change behaviour of 'require' (aka import
module: not from FILE ).
Cascade of functions: luaB_require,luaL_loadfile drive to FILE *

 Jacek Czerwinski