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You'd also want to prevent malicious scripts from eating all available memory. Incidentally, is this for a particular application? Off the top of my head, I can't think of anything that would use an untrusted config file.

Jeff Koftinoff wrote:

On 30-Nov-04, at 8:55 PM, Matt Hellige wrote:

Presumably you don't want to allow configuration files to cause
infinite loops... You could probably address that with a simple
timeout in most cases, and use sandboxing for the stuff you mention.


But if you made the mini-lua grammar simple enough you could guarantee that there would be no possibility of infinite loops. A timeout is problematic in many ways! Please don't do things like that.

If you just restrict the grammar so that all loops have a fixed repeat count (non-variable) and no recursive function definitions are allowed then you don't need a sandbox and you don't need problematic halt-sensing and you can be guaranteed that the config file will never halt your process. I believe a system like this would be very very useful.


Jeff Koftinoff <>