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Rici Lake wrote:

On 29-Nov-04, at 8:52 AM, Scott Morgan wrote:

The code comparison at the end was a little cheeky, having the input data as lua code, no wonder the lua program to parse it was shorter! :-)

Surely that is precisely the point, though? Lua was designed so that its native syntax is appropriate for configuration files.

Good point, I didn't think about it that way, still cheating though :) However...

Personally, I'd prefer to specify data in Lua format than in a CSV file. :) Perhaps the people who use your software have a different syntactic bias, though.

It's more a case of getting data from other peoples software who can't/won't use lua syntax.

In my case mostly from Visual Basic users who'll just stare blankly at you the moment you ask for data in some non-MSDN flavour of the month format.

Scott Morgan