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David Given's general moan:
> ...and while we're talking about email --- this 
> isn't directed at you, Nick, it's just a general
> moan --- it would really help on following
> threads if people could bear the following
> maxim in mind:
> A. Because it makes conversations really hard to follow.
> Q. Why is top-posting considered antisocial?

For those benighted amongst us on the netiquette of using
mailing lists, the following link explains what top-posting
means -

Intuitively I have been a bottom poster. However I am
always leery of how my MUA  formats and sends the 
message. I use Outlook (not Express) and I would like
to take this opportunity to request those for whom
proper e-mail threading is important to tell me if
my posts are appearing the proper way in the proper

I have threading turned on and I find it useful. 

I have observed consistently that Roberto's message
always starts a new conversation thread, even though
the subject line is the same. Is it just Outlook or
others also can make similar observations?

Vijay Aswadhati