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> Hey, how about friendly Atlanta Georgia

There are certainly lots of nice places. But up to now that we have only
got two concrete hosting offers: one from Mark Harmburg at Adobe in San
Jose, CA, and one from Erik Hougaard in Copenhagen, Denmark. Thank you both!
(Of course, it can be here in Rio as well.)

The main point now is to decide *whether* we want to go ahead with this;
in other words, how many people would really be interested in attending a
Lua workshop.

Like I said in my original post, I imagine the workshop to be a 2-day event.
We could have activities like the ones below.

Tutorial on Lua -- the language
Tutorial on Lua -- the C API
Tutorial on Lua -- binding C libraries

Plenary talk -- The evolution of Lua

Roundtable -- The future of Lua
Roundtable -- Lua in games
Roundtable -- Lua in industry
Roundtable -- Lua in embedded projects
Roundtable -- Ready-made Lua installations

Track -- Lua internals
Track -- Lua applications

Contributed talks -- Your experience using Lua