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Karsten Düsterloh wrote:
As a SciTE user looking for some comfort functions, I found
<>, but it didn't work -
because in do_buffer_list() the variable 'list' does not exist and
should be replaced by 'buffers'.


I tried to update the wiki page, but got "Your changes were not
accepted". I tried to tell the wiki's guestbook about my problem, but
that refused to let me make changes also.

I tried too, with same result.
Same when trying to edit my CastOfCharacters page or the SandBox.

Do I need special permissions to use that wiki?

No, I even believe you don't need to be registred.
I think LuaWiki is currently broken or disabled.

John Belmonte will likely take a look.

Philippe Lhoste
--  (near) Paris -- France
--  Professional programmer and amateur artist
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