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David Given escribió:

Does anyone know if there are Lua bindings available for GTK or GTK-2? I've had a look with Google and on, and the only thing I've found was pointing at a dead website.

This surprises me rather, because I thought that GTK bindings would be more in demand...


I have the original LuaGTK sources from (very old: Feb 2001) I attached the README file. If you still need the whole thing, I'll send you a private mail with it.


This is README file for luagtk

luagtk is copyright (C) 1999,2000,2001 D.Jorand <>
See COPYING file for licence information.

luagtk -- lua bindings for GTK

Author: Didier Jorand <>

This is a set of bindings for the GTK libraries for use with lua.

You will need glib-1.2.x and gtk+-1.2.x installed on your system.

Compilation and Installation

To compile luagtk, you should run './configure' then 'make', and finally
run 'make install' as root.  If configure
fails, you may have to pass some arguments to it.  To see what
arguments you might need, check the end of the output of './configure
--help'.  You will probably want to use one of --with-lua-prefix.

If you get really weird configure errors, or compilation errors, I would
appreciate a bug report.

This module works with lua-4.0. (previous support of Lua-3.1 and Lua-3.2 is 


Not much at this time... see
for online informations.

Contacting the Author

You can contact me via email at <>.