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I would go if it was at Harvard (Boston, MA, USA).

I know Lua is not just for Games, but...There is a large Game Developer community in Boston, and I bet you could get these guys to help organize something:
They already organize monthy Game Developer get togethers (mostly at Bars).


Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:

Perhaps it's time for a Lua workshop to try and get the community together.
I imagine a 2-day workshop with 2 tracks: Lua internals and Lua applications.
Perhaps starting with a Lua tutorial.

Ideally, it'd be a very low-cost thing, held at and sponsored by a big
institution, such as a Microsoft Lab or PUC-Rio or Harvard. All we'd
need is a room, computer and projector.

There are, of course, many hard questions to be answered:

- Is there enough interest for such an event?
- How many people would be able to go?
- Where would it be?
- When would it be? June or July 2005?
- How do we find an sponsor?
- Who would help organize it?
- Could we try to make it a satellite event of a larger event?

It'd be fairly easy to hold it at PUC-Rio or IMPA, both in Rio de Janeiro.
Nice place, too! :-) But would people come from abroad?

Perhaps it's easier in Europe (Microsoft Lab in Cambridge, UK came to mind)
or the US (some university; Harvard held a Lua library workshop once).

Anyway, what do you think?

PS: This will help getting our minds off useless arguments.