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On Thu, Nov 11, 2004 at 03:26:00PM -0800, Nick Trout wrote:
> I use Outlook and Outlook web client. If someone knows how to fix this
> I will gladly to do so. I'm not a big fan of Outlook but it's what we
> use at work.

I'll try to find some info on that for you, it really would help.

Unfortunately all my regular tech contacts are Unix people, like myself.

> I think the list blocks non members now so I have answer through my
> subscriber address. I suppose I could make a dummy account and reply
> from this??

That's what I do, ie. separate inputs and outputs to the list, and with
the input account having list output disabled.  I do it for a different
reason though, namely to gateway mail into local newsgroups just like
Gmane does.

Rich Artym.
Existing media are so disconnected from reality that our policy debates
spin around a fantasy world in which the future looks far too much like
the past.