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Just out of curiosity, did you notice how much bigger the 64bit _executable_ was..?


5.11.2004 kello 05:06, Mike Pall kirjoitti:


I wrote:
I have tested this patch on a dozen combinations of architectures (i386,
x86_64, alpha, ia64, hppa), operating systems (Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD,
HP-UX, OSF/1) and compilers (native vs. gcc). I do not expect any surprises for any other 32 bit Unix platforms or the remaining two 64 bit platforms
with any market share (Sparc64 and PPC64).

Successfully tested on Linux/PPC64 with -m32 and -m64, too. Thanks go to
the developer access program. The native PPC64 bit code is ~15%
faster than the PPC32 code on the same machine (YMMV).