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On Thursday 14 October 2004 02:40, Tom Spilman wrote:
>  You seem to suggest that the order which you register functions in the
> userdata's metatable matters.  From my quick test adding the "__index"
> metamethod last it does not seem to be the case.

Yes __index won't matter in that context but if you first set __newindex and 
then try to set the key move to a function so that you can do foo.move(1,2) 
for a table named foo, then this function won't actually be set and your code 
will be run instead.  Unless your __newindex code takes care of that, 
foo.move(1,2) won't work.

I have repeatedly suggested to remove this complexity from lua by making 
__index and __newindex be called always, independently of whether the 
specified key has a nil value.  This is what everyone would expect to happen 
anyway.  I'm bored of posting about this and, obviously, so is the list since 
no one answered to a recent suggestion having to do with that (and other 
matters, see post: "Unified tables and userdata").