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Quinn Tyler Jackson wrote:
[This is a one time announcement. I am posting it
in this list because The Grammar Forge supports
reduction code in Lua. - qtj]

I am happy to announce the official public release of:

   The Grammar Forge v

(Formerly known as the Meta-S Grammar Development Environment and PAISLEI.)

You are cordially invited to visit the software's official site at:

I fail to see the relation with the Asko thread...
Please, remember to create a new message with a new subject when having something new to announce (and the common practice is to prefix the subject with [ANN]).

This avoids confusion, and ease search of you message (where was this announcement? Oh, in "Re: [...] with Lua"...).

That said, this is interesting, but far above my head, I am not in this business.

I believe you should put a link to the licence agreement (or better to the FAQ entry "Why are some license tiers offered free of charge?" which is clear, because it is often the question people ask when looking at a software: is it free, is it costly?

That said, I like the conditions for using your software...

Another question you should answer easly: what language it is written in (C++? OK, that's in the "How many lines of code), what platform it is running on (Win32)?

Most of these questions are answered in the download section, but perhaps you should make the answers more proeminent in the About section.

Philippe Lhoste
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--  Professional programmer and amateur artist
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