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[This is a one time announcement. I am posting it
in this list because The Grammar Forge supports
reduction code in Lua. - qtj]

I am happy to announce the official public release of:

   The Grammar Forge v

(Formerly known as the Meta-S Grammar Development Environment 

You are cordially invited to visit the software's official 
site at:

The Grammar Forge is a visual grammar development environment 
for Win32 systems with many unique development features, 
including, but not limited to:


* Adaptive grammar technology

Parse RNA pseudoknots, Perl, C++, and other context-sensitive 
languages without writing a line of support code, in less than 
cubic time. Parse anything that can be parsed.

* Integrated Lua support for reduction code

No longer do you have to leave the visual grammar development 
environment to test grammars that rely on their reduction code 
to effect correct parses. You can now single step through a 
grammar's productions and right into associated reduction code, 
all in one integrated environment.

* Grammar/parser profiler

Bottlenecks in your grammar? Where are they? Not sure if your 
test case input thoroughly exercises all 200 productions of 
your grammar? Interested in knowing how much time is spent going 
down blind alleys in your grammar?

Answers to all of these questions are now a click away.

* Grammar reference graph

Ever wonder what the source of a recursive path in your grammar 
is? Simply load the reference graph, click on Find Recusion, 
and get your answer.

* Support for PowerBASIC

Load grammars in PowerBASIC and start parsing now. (C#, VB.NET, 
and other .NET languages supported as well, through COM on Win32 
systems, and Win32 C-calling-convention languages.)

* Coffee in the help system

The Grammar Forge is, indeed, the only visual parser generation 
system that offers coffee in the help menu. Well, the only one 
the author of the software knows of. This unique, ergonomic 
feature, which is highly configurable and honors and remembers 
user-specific preferences across IDE sessions, stands in a class 
of its own.


The C++ grammar classes that the Grammar Forge generates are 
portable across C++ compilers that support a minimal subset of 
C++. Since the same parsing engine that is included in the C++
source is compiled into the IDE, you are guaranteed that parsers 
will behave in the field as they did during development.

Quinn Tyler Jackson
Grammar Forge Author