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Dear Daniel,
   1) Ya the point is that rather than starting from
scratch, you take any Mini distribution as a starting
   2) Apart from the adding lua to the core/central
focus of the whole distribution, THE ACTUAL ADDITIONAL
    right now the problem which you are facing that
you are no expert in this distribution making and you
will have to try and apply many things to goto a
starting point to customise a distribution. After
making that distribution, you make this distribution
very very easy to customise (than any other
distribution) and very well documented on how to do
the customisation. 
   There are many manuals on the net to how to create
distributions and but the point is to create a step by
step easy manual with example commands so that no one
is more perplexed to create/customise a distribution
of his own. and it is easy to add the things.
  i will suggest you to start with a distribution,
which is small enough to fit on a 1.44 floppy, like
hal91 or tomsrtbt with bare minimal things first. i
think better will be hal91.

bye :-)
Ashish Ranjan

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