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One more note,

I took a quick google and came up with a couple of interesting things
on "public domain":

" Not copyrighted, either because it never was or because the
copyright has expired or lapsed; public domain material can be used
without attribution or permission, though good writing practice means
making a note of sources. "


" Any work that is not covered by copyright registration is considered
to be in the public domain. This includes works created before 1922,
created for public use, or those works that have over the years fallen
into public domain because the copyright expired. This includes
documents of the United States government, unless stated otherwise. "

To me that says that unless you specifically copyright something, then
it is public domain, but if it is copyrighted, then you must
specifically release it into the public domain if it is before the
copyright expires.

Very interesting stuff to me. Also, in case it isn't completely and
totally obvious, this is a U.S. only thing, unless another country
recognizes U.S. copyright.

Of course, that brings up another interesting point, is the wiki
hosted outside the U.S.? If it happens to be outside the U.S. what
happens when you post something to the wiki when you are a U.S.
citizen? If you copyright it, does it stop another U.S. citizen from
legally using it?


On Fri, 13 Aug 2004 16:20:43 +0100, Daniel Silverstone
<> wrote:
> William Roper wrote:
> > Actually, I would think its safe to say that if someone posts
> > something in a public forum without a copywright notice or a license
> > that it would be public domain.
> Nup. It's just utterly and completely unusable and un-distributable :-)
> Public domain is an *explicit* rescinding of control.
> :-)
> D.