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>>> 07/07/04 08:50AM >>>
>However, I found that with the increasing of the amount of code, one
>discovers why most languages have things like type checking or
>class/struct declarations.

An interesting perspective from Robert C. Martin:

In a nutshell: we need strong testing, not strong typing.
Bruce Eckel seems to have come to that conclusion:

>You can also put documentation in the descriptor, making it easier
>the user of a library to discover its interface.

Now that's a cool idea.  Every function carries its own documentation.

>All the checks of course can be done at run-time only, not at compile
>time, so a good unit testing system with coverage would be needed

Absolutely.  It's true that dynamically typed languages are strongly
but a Pascal person would miss the ability to say that an integer was
only valid for 1 to 10, or that an array was not valid outside a
But surely standard Lua tricks could be used to enforce this kind
of more precise run-time typing?

steve d.

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