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	Hi Ivan,

> Which seems simple enough. Then the only requirement that remains is to
> install each tool in a folder with some fixed name, so each tool could
> do
>    require "tools/someTool"
> or
>    require "thisTool/subModule"
> Of course, fixed names could possibly lead to name clashes, as we know,
> but that should happen very rarely, and could be avoided by installing
> different sets of tools into different subfolders, and adding each to
	Yes.  But, adding "C:\Program Files\Lua\?\?.lua" (note the two '?')
to your LUA_PATH could provide a simple way to use libraries that load
other internal Lua files.  This way one could install a library like:


	And load it with

require "aTool"

	The file aTool.lua would have to

require "aTool/auxiliar.lua"
require "aTool/another.lua"

	And it will work just with a correct LUA_PATH, despite the folder
where "aTool" subfolder was installed.