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On Wed, 2004-03-31 at 17:30, Tuomo Valkonen wrote:
> And when we have an FHS 
> standard, I think it should be adhered to, no matter how broken some
> popular distributions, languages or the standard may be.

The point is that the FHS seems to be a linux-only thing, and not even
all distros are using it. Anyway, that's off-topic here, and most people
seem to agree with .lua files on $PREFIX/share.

So here's how things are currently:

* .lua files are installed to $PREFIX/share/lua5
* .so/.a files are installed to $PREFIX/lua5
* .lua loader files and libraries written in pure lua should be   
  named <name>.lua. No "lua" or "lib" prefixes.
* the "lib" prefix to .so/.a files seems not to be necessary
* the initialization function should be named luaopen_<name>

So what is left to decide is wether library files should have a version
number or not.

Do you guys agree with that? If so, I'll make the necessary changes to
the document.


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