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On Wed, 2004-03-31 at 15:08, Jay Carlson wrote:
> Obviously .so files need to live in /usr/lib somewhere.  If we think
> people are going to build their own custom interpreters that don't
> dynamically load with loadlib, the extensions probably need to start
> with "lib" so people can link them in when they build their
> executables.  Version numbering would be good too.

Yeah, thinking about those who build their custom interpreters, this is
a good idea (even though some libraries don't have version numbers :)

How do people do it on other languages, which don't have the "lib"
prefix? Or they simply don't do it?

> The stub .lua loaders are arguably architecture-dependent---you could
> have different naming conventions or directory paths from platform to
> platform.

My initial idea was to do something similar, but is anyone affected by
this in practice? I mean, does anyone need binary libraries for more
than one architecture on the same machine?

I followed python, which has a "lib-dynload" directory, and just called
the directory "lib", without any architecture information.

Anyone has more thoughts on this?


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