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The first work version of Lua 5.1 is now available for testing at

The major change is incremental garbage collection. It is working and we need
your feedback on this: does it avoid any GC hicups you have? does the new GC
API fit your needs? Roberto will probably post more details on what we need.

Note: this is incremental, not generational GC. Generational GC is still in
our plans.

There are several other lesser changes, many of which were discussed here:
moved '#!' detection out of the lexer and into luaL_loadfile, debugging works
for other threads, new long strings [***[ ... ]***], better end-of-line
detection in the lexer, load callbacks can call Lua, user-defined memory
allocators when creating new states, and more.

There is no documentation. :-( Not even a doc directory in the tarball.

Enjoy. And please send in your feedback. Thanks.