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It really seems like you're missing something, here.. The whole ideology -should we say 'world'- of Lua is a bit different. Linked lists. I don't see much use for them so just to save your time, the example might be extremely C biased.. Like, you can demo how good an assembler replacement C is by doing 'ax=10; ax++' code. But it never makes sense..

Having said that (and for your own good, so they say.. ;) welcome to the world of Lua, and enjoy the learning curve. It really is, enjoyable.

If I were you (and I was) I'd browse through much of Lua code I can get my hands on, and try to 'soak' the thinking.. That's how I did with Basic (yeah, okay.. 80's!), assembler, C, and latest, Lua. Learning by reading is the best exercise.

btw, and yes, you can do 'list.Null' by using metatables for 'list'. :)


23.3.2004 kello 20:48, Phil Bewig kirjoitti:

  in learning to program in lua, and because I
think it will be a useful library to have, I am writing a
library to manipulate linked lists.  The library will be
written in c, available to lua in the same manner as the
standard libraries.  Eventually I want to have a library
like this: