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Waldemar Celes wrote:

> I am responsible for maintaining tolua and Ariel Manzur is maintaining
> tolua++. Which version of tolua are you using? I have a simple test with
> union that seems
> to work fine in tolua-5.0. Do you have any simple test that can send to
> me?

As I told it, I am using SDL (Simple Directmedia Layer) whose API is defined
in C. Of course there exist some C++ bindings for it, but I don't think
this would be a good idea to complexify the things many more.

So, I want to use toLua 5.0 with lua 5.0, SDL 1.2 and gcc 3.3.3.

So far my example relies on luaSDL, as this defines the SDL_Event union
typedef. I can send you a simple version but this will make use of SDL
eventhough. Can it be of any help for you ?

> -- Waldemar
> At 19:45 17/3/2004 +0100, you wrote:
>>Although I tried many times already, I cannot get into contact with the
>>toLua maintainer whose identity I am not sure of.
>>The problem is that as it was revealed earlier in this forum, the SDL
>>bindings for Lua made with toLua have problems with the "SDL_Event"
>>structure : although it is a "typedef union" in the SDL library, it is
>>treated as a "typedef struct" in luaSDL.
>>After some hard days to find my way across toLua's source code, I gave up.
>>I cannot find if it is coming from toLua or luaSDL, but when I replace the
>>"struct" keyword by "union" in SDL.pkg, the package does not compile any
>>more. I am thinking that it is a toLua bug, eventhough I found that in
>>toLua source file called "src/bin/lua/container.lua" at line #456, there
>>seems to have what is needed to parse the "union" keyword.
>>I would be very happy if anyone could tell me who is the actual toLua
>>maintainer or how to contact him/her or how to correct the luaSDL bug or
>>any other thing that can help me.
>>Thank you for your help by advance