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Jamie Webb escribió:

>  Not entirely out of our field. Raw hard drive capacity for example is always
> quoted in MiB.

Not so. Raw hard drive capacity is always quoted in mega = 10^6 or giga = 10^9 bytes.
RAM, on the other hand, is almost always quoted in mibi = 2^20 or gibi = 2^30 bytes.

And the icing on the cake is the famous and now fortunately almost obsolete
1.44 M?B floppy drive, whose capacity is actually 1.44 x 10^3 x 2^10 bytes,
mixing a kilo and a kibi in an ambiguous M (miga?).

Standardising stuff like this might actually make it easier for the layperson.

Although manufacturers often like to use the biggest numbers possible, as
witness the bizarre convention for monitor sizes which makes it impossible to
compare flat screens with CRTs, and means that a 17" CRT screen in the US is a
15.7" CRT screen in Canada -- or at least it used to be -- not because
Canadian inches are smaller but because the Canadian government is
(was?) fussier about what you are allowed to measure.