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Hello world... (I think you've already seem this...) Thanks to Bennett Todd and Benoit Gemain (am I wrinting it right ?) and about a year studying the Lua4 and Lua5 core, I'm about to release a pre-alpha version of the Lua for PalmOS. (Lua5) Special thanks to Waldecir Santos, who is patiently helping me to test and debug the program itself. And got that CVS thing working on :-) Just to start, the first release will be just the Lua core working, without the IO lib. We're planning to release libraries to work with the core (to work with the PDB's, UI, BlueTooth, IrDA, and so on... the list is intense...). But... (there's always a but...) I have a little question about the license.... I'd like to release the code on the MIT license, just like Lua is today, but I've used (and modified A LOT) part of the string lib of Linux (2.4.22), and vsprinf (yes, PalmOS sucks on this)... The code is there, and since Linux is GPL, may I release the code as GPL ou MIT ? Well, thanks to everybody and to the Lua creators at TecGraf (hey, I've graduated at PUC-Rio too!!) for your help and for this great language! Anyone's interested on releasing or helping to release bindings to PalmOS are welcome! The project at is Once again thank's to all !
J. Machado
Palmcon Consultoria (
+55 21 9302-2794