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Lua 5.0.2 is now available for downloading at

It supersedes Lua 5.0.1, which was pre-released but never became official.

Lua 5.0.2 corrects all known bugs in Lua 5.0, that is, those listed in
including those found since the pre-release of Lua 5.0.1.

No new features have been included. This is a bug-fix release. A file called
DIFFS is included in the tarball and contains all the changes made. A summary
of the changes is in UPDATE.

The reference manual in the tarball is the version fixed for Lua 5.0.1; it's
the same as the HTML, PDF, and PS versions in the web site.

The intent of this pre-release is to give a change to find any mistakes in
the packing or in the fixes. If everything is ok, Lua 5.0.2 will become the
current Lua version in a month of so (promise!). For the time being, the links
in the web site still point to Lua 5.0.

Please let us know if any problem appears.