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> Or in other words, can I save off the byte code of a "compiled" script
> on a little endian machine and load/execute it on a big endian machine
> without and byte ordering issues?

Yes, I move byte code between ia32 and G4 without problems. Endianness
is handled transparently. I think this is the question you are interested
in knowing the answer to.

However, there are a number of other potential issues between random
machines, including:

-- word size and floating point format (or more accurately lua_Number
   format). If you used float on one machine and double on the other,
   or you had some implementation which did not conform to IEEE-754
   floating point format, etc., you would be out of luck.

-- Lua version. Both machines must be running the same version.

The above are checked.

-- Character encoding. If you encode in ISO8859-1 on one machine,
   and Windows CP-1252 on another, some characters might be mangled.
   If you were trying to move byte code to a system which used
   EBCDIC, you would be entirely out of luck.

This is not checked.