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--[*label*[    ]*label*]

Where label is drawn from some set of characters (e.g., alphabetic, dashes,
underscores, etc.)

This saves humans the trouble of counting the asterisks when matching things
up. For example:


< insert Lua code here >


The trailing "--" is superfluous and exists just for a personal sense of
code symmetry in this case.


P.S. What's the timetable for Lua 5.1 these days?

on 11/27/03 4:33 AM, Roberto Ierusalimschy at wrote:

>> That syntax does look pretty wacky, [...]
> Suggestions for improvements are wellcome. The syntax needs to allow the
> inclusion of any literal string; it would be nice if the old `[[ ]]'
> could fit as a special case of the new format.
> -- Roberto