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> [] On Behalf Of Terry Bayne

> And my final point has to do with the argument that LUA is 
> LUA not C or C++ or anything else - and while this is true, I 
> don't find it relevant to the discussion.... LUA is usually 
> "hosted" by a program written in some other language - most 
> notably C or C++ - so given it's usage - abiding by some of 
> the more common conventions of the host language seems to 
> make pretty good common sense. 

  I also cannot count the amount of times i....

	- used {}

	- used &&

	- used 'else if'

	- used +=

	- used object.function() instead of object:function()

	- forgot 'local'

	- forgot 'self'

  The mental transition from language X to Lua will never be
frictionless for everyone.  If this is such a big issue for someone then
maybe there are other languages to consider or just modify Lua to your
particular needs.  Really i'd rather see more of these quirks caught at
load_chunk time and not 10 minutes into the execution of my app though (
ummmmm... a Lua Lint would be nice )

  But please please please...  kill off 'local' and add 'global'. =)