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No, but I might be able to help you with the "cvs-with-putty thing" - I'm a cvs administrator at work (in a very small way) and a long-time putty fan.  Also, I think I saw some postings recently on the cvs-info list that may apply.  If you let me know what the problems were exactly (off-list, I guess) I'll see if I can help.

Thanks Andy, I'll contact you in off to get some useful info... :)
This is not entirely out of the good of my heart, because I'd be very interested in your palmOS port...

Heheheh, well, you and many people are interested on that. Right now I have a Lua4 port working 100% for PalmOS, but that's a little comercial app and I haven't done this alone, so I can't open it. But the Lua5 port was made since the beggining to be open-sourced and MIT-licensed, just like Lua5 is. Although I have some problems to solve by now: 1) The port is being made with Codewarrior compiler, since I don't know PRC-tools well enough to do it; 2) There are some ANSI C functions not available to PalmOS that Lua4 didn't use (I guess), like strtoul; 3) This CVS problem I'm having by now. After that solved, I guess the port will be 100% functional, just like my Lua4 is by now. Well, see you off list. :)
-- J. Machado