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--> Friday, November 14, 2003, 4:51:12 AM, wrote:

>>Were the array optimizations in already, and all the new opcodes?

> I'm not sure about the array optimizations, but the VM in 4.1 (work4)
> was already register-based, although some opcodes are different.

> Lua 5.0 was released on Apr 2003 and 4.1 (work4) in Feb 2002. There were
> many changes in between (even the license is different!). I definitely
> recommend that you move to Lua 5.0. Work versions are not supported at all.

Yes, but what about upgrading from 4.1 work4, is that "supported" ?

I'll be upgrading, but I assume it will be time consuming and
is slightly unecessary since 4.1 work4 works so well for me.