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I've uploaded the initial version of my TinyCC Interface for LUA to

its functional, but primitive. The TIL_Tester.exe is an installer for the test application and
gives you a little .lua program to play with if interested.

I'm wondering now- which way to go with this module. There is a subtle symbol issue. When using TinyCC with C, you can just add remove C symbols, but when working with LUA, a
buffer has to be introduced for values. So far the symbols work like so:


MyString = ti.GetString("MySymbol")
MyNumber = ti.GetNumber("MyNumberSymbol")

Should I add support for passing table arrays of numbers and strings? or even build in a way for the C code to access tables (would be a custom C struct holding the LUA table)...

oh- and every time you add a symbol, there is currently a memory leak.

JP (

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