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> I was wondering if anybody had any ideas or experience of mixed language
> wikis/websites and how might be the best way to organise this. For
> example, how might the wiki links work cross language?

The Lua wiki does not seem to have multilingual features enabled, but I 
remember from looking at the code which John Belmonte kindly shared with 
me some time ago that it is not difficult to enable. Without this, it is 
not possible to create WikiWords which include accented characters, for 
example (nor the Spanish ñ nor Portuguese ç). But I didn't have any 
trouble creating <> ... although 
now that I have created it, I fear it may turn into a responsibility. :)

Wikis don't generally have any facility for automatically linking 
translations of pages, so that has to be done manually; more seriously, 
there is no way to ensure that translations stay up to date with changes. 
So I think the best thing would be to keep content separate, with 
cross-links as appropriate. Since it is not a particularly massive Wiki, I 
doubt whether anything more sophisticated would be necessary.

Personally, I would support the idea -- I'm not going to claim to be able 
to write Portuguese, but I can read it OK, and can help a bit.