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Hello all, I have been approached by a Portuguese speaker about adding
Portuguese content to the Lua wiki (specifically, a tutorial). The wiki
is an open forum for Lua content and there seems to be no reason to
complain about this. Unfortunately I, and many of the current regular
contributors probably don't speak Portuguese so we wouldn't be able to
contribute to pages in Portuguese - but the same could be said about
none English speakers and the current wiki! Obviously, I'm biased
towards having as much of the content being in English (which apart from
a basic knowledge of French is my only language), for the obvious reason
that I would like to read and contribute to the existing and future

I was wondering if anybody had any ideas or experience of mixed language
wikis/websites and how might be the best way to organise this. For
example, how might the wiki links work cross language? I know the
MoinMoin wiki has mixed content (for the basic docs):

I think that wiki implementation has good foreign language support,
which brings up the issue of: can our wiki support the character sets
necessary to do this? Is there anything else that we need to think