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    See in ( I'm not sure about the address ), there are
instructions about howto "unpack" and "repack" the tomsrtbt. And he says
that "/ and /usr is full but /tmp has space", I imagine that you have a form
to update things to the os, then all you need is to recompile the lua and
update the version on the os (diskette/cd/anything). This is because the
functions you need is in the "base" module/lib, the little that I know you
can compile in your "normal" linux box and copy to the target.
    In his site, he says that you need only 10 mega on some machine to

The God's Peace,


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Subject: Re: I think it's "require" but I can't get it to work....


> tomsrtbt is a single floppy with most of console linux on it. but there
> is no
> room for a c compiler there. I have linux machines, and even have lua
> compiled for
> my macintosh iBook, but the thing I am working needs to work under
> tomsrtbt