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Well, assert (which leads to crash when asserts are disabled). This is a
debugging memory allocator.

luaM_realloc(L=0x077060e0, block=0x00000000, oldsize=640, size=0) Line
luaH_free(L=0x077060e0, t=0x13696fe0) Line 346
freeobj(L=0x077060e0, o=0x13696fe0) Line 345
sweeplist(L=0x077060e0, p=0x136be460, limit=0) Line 377
luaC_sweep(L=0x077060e0, all=0) Line 440
luaC_collectgarbage(L=0x077060e0) Line 482
luaD_call(L=0x077060e0, func=0x07541320, nResults=1) Line 317
f_call(L=0x077060e0, ud=0x083bec00) Line 673
luaD_rawrunprotected(L=0x077060e0, f=0x1032fb00, ud=0x083bec00) Line 88
luaD_pcall(L=0x077060e0, func=0x1032fb00, u=0x083bec00, old_top=32,
ef=16) Line 403
lua_pcall(L=0x077060e0, nargs=1, nresults=1, errfunc=-3) Line 685

I can repro this one. But I don't know the exact steps other than
running our app, which involves a huge amount of Lua before the problem.
But since I CAN repro, any suggestions on what to try, where to set a
breakpoint, etc., would be appreciated. Just my luck that this happens
on a Friday afternoon, when probably no one is around. :-)

Speaking of which, it seems like it would be really useful to have a
logging shim that would log all Lua function calls, and then replay
them. Anyone made such a tool? If not, maybe I'll make one. At least
replaying the Lua calls in a stand-alone environment would rule out
memory stomping by the app.