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Hi everyone

Im interest about LUA on this apllications like that (air conditioning unit), this use to be use JAVA language to make this aplications,,, some others like: digital clocks, digital painel, video menus... and more others.


Can you show us that kind of parametres you used on this application?

Tx a lot :)

Reinaldo Lobo
>From: Enrico Colombini
>Reply-To: Lua list
>To: Lua list
>Subject: Re: Borland compiler warnings with Lua 5.0
>Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003 13:42:19 +0200
>On Friday 24 October 2003 13:37, Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
> > Both options of the `?' fit comfortably in a `char', but the
> > compiler is not smart enough to realize that.
>Thanks, now I can sleep better ;-)
>By the way, I am planning my first use of Lua in a 'serious' application: I've
>been asked to write a C++ test&maintenance program for a consumer device (an
>air conditioning unit) and the specs say it must also work with minimal or no
>changes on a to-be-designed future model (!). So I'll use Lua in
>configuration files as life insurance.
> Enrico

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