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> Lua seems to work fine. Should I just ignore them?


> (I am used to treat warning as errors...)

But sometimes the error is from the compiler ;)

The first warning is correct, although a preciosity:

  - llex.c(205): 'l' is assigned a value that is never used.
  llex.c:205: save(LS, '\0', l);

The macro `save' increments `l' and this new incremented value is
really not used.

The second warning is a compiler error (well, a weakness):

  - lstrlib.c(376): Conversion may lose significant digits.
  lstrlib.c:376:   previous = (s == ms->src_init) ? '\0' : *(s-1);

Both options of the `?' fit comfortably in a `char', but the compiler is
not smart enough to realize that.

-- Roberto