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> Anyway, I overlooked LTN 11. I'm quite happy to go with "import", I think.

Nice to hear!  Of course, LTN 11 is not implemented by default in Lua 5 as
"require" is.  I think that it presents some useful ideas, even though it
has been subject of some debate.  But meanwhile, Rici has written more about
it than I ever did, so he's the authority on this point.  :-)

One feature (yes, brought up by R.) that LTN 11 lacks is being able to
retrieve the table in which a package would be imported, without actually
importing the package code.  This is very useful if you want to share a
single package table between several actual packages (that's what I tend to
do a lot, still using Lua 4 though...)

I'd be most interested in any suggestions for an improved package management


P.S.  I've been a bit out of touch with the lua list lately.  It seems that
my ISP now treats it as spam (go figure)...  I'm still offered all kinds of
pills though.  Odd that...  :-)