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I have a C++ class that exports some functions to a Lua environment. These functions are, of course, static, but they need to access member functions/variables of the class. The only way to do this (that I can think of) is to make those class members static as well, because there's no way to associate any sort of user data with the exported functions -- they only receive the lua_State* parameter, so I can't tell them which class they belong to when they're called. This wouldn't be such a problem, except that it's possible I might want multiple instances of this class at once, and clearly if they're both manipulating the same static members, there'll be problems, since these members really shouldn't be static.

I can't think of a great way to solve this problem that doesn't involve jumping through hoops every time a function of the class gets called. Is there a design pattern I'm missing here? What do other people do in this situation?