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On Mon, 2003-10-13 at 19:31, John Belmonte wrote:
> is not just the wiki.  There is also the mailing list 
> archive, and the potential for other services in the future.


> What is the rationale behind "I'll host the site if the wiki gets 
> rewritten in Lua"?  The ml archive uses mhonarc for HTML conversion.  Do 
> you suggest to rewrite mhonarc in Lua too?

Naah, I don't mind that.

The rationale for the wiki, is that there's no "out-there" Lua-based
wiki, and I'd love to see Aranha actually put through its paces by
someone other than me.

> I think at sourceforge is working well enough and a move 
> isn't worth the effort.  But if the site was looking for a new home, 
> it's best to choose somewhere that is 1) not likely to disappear in five 
> or ten years and 2) puts the least constraints on software installation 
> and configuration.

That's fair enough.

1) We're not planning on disappearing (We being Pepperfish Ltd)
2) Well, I am root on the box, is there any less constrained I can be?

Primarily I don't want to see more PHP on the box than I can get away
from, and Perl CGI based wikis are inefficient. Not sure how quickly
Python gets going, but running a python CGI can't be much more efficient
than Perl.

It was mainly an offer from the point of view of not wanting to see the admins stuck because sourceforge cock something up.


Daniel Silverstone <>