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I crashed after running for a while (in a non-reproducible way) with the
following stack:
>	luaS_newlstr(L=0x07c05070, str=0x13d4cb78, l=6) Line 79
 	lua_pushstring(L=0x07c05070, s=0x13d4cb78) Line 418

   for (o = G(L)->strt.hash[lmod(h, G(L)->strt.size)];

str is a valid pointer to a correctly null-terminated string of the
specified length (6).
L->l_G->strt.hash=0x0ddf0000, which points to invalid memory, hence the
crash trying to index into it.

I don't have a known repro.

The rest of L, and L->G look ok (at a casual glance), so I don't suspect
(but of course can never rule out) heap corruption.