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There are a number of options for building Lua DLLs on Win32.
I have searched the Wiki and mail archives and there does not
seem to be a definitive answer to a few questions that I have.

Does anyone have experience of building DLLs of /src and /lib 
using /MD (multi threaded DLL RTL) versus /MT (multithreaded
static RTL)?

There are pros and cons about dynamically linking to the RTL,
the major downsides of dynamic linking to the MS runtime
library is having to distribute the the MS runtime library
and it seems that RTL initialization gets a little knotted
at times.

Whereas with static linking of the RTL we have the downside
of larger (duplicated RTL entry points) exes/dlls (which 
are small anyway).

Is it necessary to build the two DLLs i.e. lua5.dll and
lualib5.dll OR is it better to combine these two together?
e.g. just lua5.dll?

Does anyone have a definitive answer on which way to go?

Any recommendations from the Lua authors?

David B.