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with reference to my mail on the list with the subject: "problem using LUA ...." . Tai Meng gave the suggestion that i shud perhaps try lua 5.0  ..... i did try and after  lot of problems that i faced trying to use lua 5.0 with msvc 6 it just gave me more problems ......
i got the lua binaries from  ->
  • Lua Build 5.0 [1] contains compiled win32 executables and static libraries (in Compiled using MSVC++ 6.0. Lua source code and build files for *nix and MSVC are included.
  • the problem that i am facing is that in my program i am intializing and creating an explosion effect from scripts ...... now each explosion can or cannot have a PS associated with it ..... this is determined by the value of a string ... if there is a PS attached to the explosion the string contains the name and apth of the file that initializes the PS and if not then it contains "NULL"(not an empty string but the string "NULL") anyways now wat happens that during other calls to LUA the value of some of the string in the list of explosions gets overwritten by garbage ...... i have traced it down to the call :

    0043C80F   call        _luaC_collectgarbage (0043cfd0)

     ..... this is the call that actually overwrites the memory location that is allocated to a C++ variable ......

    is this the problem that one of the authors wrote about ..... if so wat should i do ...... if the solution is to use a newer version of LUA 5.0.1 can sum1 plzzz mail me the built libraries or the dll ( if i need one) .... i am already in such a mess that i dont wanna end up using incorrectly built library or sumthin like that ( which i probably will if i do that myself) ......

    any help will be greatly appraciated....



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