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OK, OK, I checked and I was passing on bad statements.
Explicitly calling destructors is OK.

Now if I can just remember <why> that bad statement was fixed in my belief
system (probably from some screwy compiler).

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Sent: Friday, August 15, 2003 2:58 PM
To: Lua list
Subject: RE: Alternative C++ binding

At 21:27 2003-08-15, Virgil Smith wrote:
>Looks like a great small start for a binding system.
>I have to admit that I'm just now taking some time to look into Lua5 and
>convert some personal tools from Lua4 to Lua5, and your "new" trick
>to me yesterday.
>As for the GC template I have an answer to your problem.
>The problem is that it is illegal to directly call destructors.
>You have to go through delete.

This is of course a completely false statement. The problem with the
template is that he tries to call the destructor without an object.

Daniel Wallin