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I've decided to use Lua in this 2d-action liero-like game I and 
my friend are writing. But even if the c-api is much better than, 
say, python's, I think a few things are a bit tedious to work 
with (or rather, I am too lazy to do it all by hand). 

So, then I found this distribution called LuaPlus 
( which basically
wraps everything up very nicely. Now, my question is if anyone
has any experience with LuaPlus, and if anyone has got it working
under Linux (all information on the homepage leads me to believe
that it is mainly developed for windows).

Also, there is alot in that distribution that I don't need;
so I was thinking about taking out the parts that I want
(away with the windows-specific stuff and everything that modifies
the lua core) and compile a new package that is more portable,
and perhaps even smaller. Would anyone like to help me with this
task? Is there interest at all, or should I just be quiet and do 
the changes for my application but not make it official?

Best regards,