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Hi mark,
I will like to point out that fltk does not use GPL
but LGPL(wchich is itself less restrictive than
GPL),with MANY exceptions , SO As to make it very very
flexible than GLGPL itself. For example you can do
static linking, subclassing etc. without any issues. 
  Moreover i was not pointing out licensing issues of
lua, i was just comparing fltk with wxWindows toolkit,
And why it is wise to use fltk over wxWindows as cross
platform GUI library , when choosing to provide
scripting with lua for your C++ apps.

The main parts of the formal statement of ( exceptions
with LGPL) fltk license  is below:
    The FLTK library and included programs are
provided under the terms of the GNU Library General
Public License (LGPL) with the following exceptions:

Modifications to the FLTK configure script, config
header file, and makefiles by themselves to support a
specific platform do not constitute a modified or
derivative work.
 Widgets that are subclassed from FLTK widgets do not
constitute a derivative work.

Static linking of applications and widgets to the FLTK
library does not constitute a derivative work and does
not require the author to provide source code for the
application or widget, use the shared FLTK libraries,
or link their applications or widgets against a
user-supplied version of FLTK.
 If you link the application or widget to a modified
version of FLTK, then the changes to FLTK must be
provided under the terms of the LGPL in sections 1, 2,
and 4.
You do not have to provide a copy of the FLTK license
with programs that are linked to the FLTK library, nor
do you have to identify the FLTK license in your
program or documentation as required by section 6 of
the LGPL.

bye :-)
Ashish Ranjan
> Mark Hamburg wrote:
>> Gnu Library Public License (FLTK) v. MIT License
>> Using the MIT License is one of Lua's big
>> Mark

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