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Hi all.
	I'm really interested by lua that I've find recently after a short search on how to integrate script in an application. I begin to write a tutorial in my part mostly base on what I've found in the same time that I learn this really good language.
	For the moment I progress slowly to avoid miss something : I'm on the importing/exporting functionnality between C and Lua. But I want more (we always want more as soon as is pleasant ;) ) and I've search after ways to export C++ classes and method to lua. After some search I've found ToLua to do this but I'mnot abble to find any tutorial ! So I search after a good one or I search after someone that can bring me details on the exportation of C++ class' methods. I don't see how can I if the process is the same than with C export.

	Really thanks to all of you.

	For information, the tutorial I'll write will be first in english and in a short future in French. I give you the link where you can find it soon (I hope moderator don't drop this mail coz of the website reference - It's just to point to a new tutorial) : The tutorial will be put in some hours in the Dev part. Thanks for all information you can bring to me.

Have a nice day.

Jacky Buyck
R&D Engineer - Intranet Security Services
Tel : +33 2 31 75 93 61
Fax : +33 2 31 75 06 31
France Telecom R&D - DMI/SIR
42 Rue des Coutures - BP 6243 - 14066 Caen Cedex 4 - France